About Wright Equipment

Putting Americans to work for 35 years

Established in 1979, Wright Equipment proudly services the fitness needs of CF Affiliates, High Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Gyms, Church Fitness Centers, and rehab centers, as well as individuals across the globe.

Wright Equipment has been a source of superior CF Equipment, Cardio, Powerlifting Equipment, Gear etc. for over three decades.

Located in Alabama, USA our manufacturing facilities employ hard-working, exceptional Americans 'round the clock who both design and produce some of the best fitness equipment in the country. Leo Wright started with the dream to support his local athletes to achieve their utmost potential regarding physical fitness. However, there was an apparent challenge; most of the equipment that furnished many of these so called 'gyms' was just not doing them any favors. It was then that Wright Exercise was born and the Athletes of Birmingham county would begin their next season with guaranteed top quality training equipment. You can imagine the difference that season!

Fast forward 35 years, Wright Exercise has become Wright Equipment and we've turned our focus sharply towards outfitting CF Affiliates and functional fitness centers. Waging war on lesser quality import materials, we've become extremely proficient in both the design and production of Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates, Barbells, Fabricated Racks, Rigs, and more. Not only have we been able to achieve the highest quality standards but we've also been able to eliminate significant costs brought on by shipping and import charges, and we're proud to be able to pass those savings on to you.

We've got the largest showroom/warehouse in the Southeast and can readily ship or deliver most any item you need. 

Additionally, we enjoy the ability to offer equipment customization from our fabrication shop and decals according to your team, school, church, or other groups. We've even got financing options. Just give us a call and we can discuss whatever works best for you.

Our technical experience and a well-equipped, state of the art service department places us in the "Wright" position to meet your physical fitness needs. We looking forward to serving you only the best.

Give us a call today at 800.239.5194 so that we can help you make an educated decision on your upcoming equipment purchase. As always, thanks for your business. We're excited about the future and we hope you are too.